As it usually takes an age for my initial ideas to become reality, I've decided to write about my thoughts on planning each garment in case I forget about the original idea (or it never gets made...).

First up, the Named Kanerva Button Backed Shirt from their SS 2014 collection (another Christmas present just waiting to to be put to good use!). I've already traced off my size from the paper patterns, which were super easy to work with.

I have some leftover black lace from my (ByHand London) Charlotte miniskirt which is crying out to be incorporated into a top of some description. Given that I had such a nightmare with the stuff, I can't quite believe that I'm so eager to be using it again so quickly...but it's just soooooo pretty.

It looks like I only need about 80 x 75 cm to make the Back and Peplum Back pieces in lace, so I still have more lace to torment me on yet another occasion :)

Rather than make up the entire garment in lace (in an effort to preserve my sanity!), I'm thinking the Front and Front Peplum pieces should be in a crepe de chine (or something quite sturdy to balance the heavy lace at the back).

I can either leave it at that and make it a sleeveless variation (a la Guthrie&Ghani’s cute version), or I could use a delicate chiffon for the sleeves...because 2 tricky fabrics in one garment just simply isn't enough of a challenge ;)

I need to spend some time thinking about finishing the seams and how the buttons will sit on top of that lace. I want to avoid the bulky seams from last time. Perhaps French seams might work(?) and using some pretty grosgrain ribbon and interfacing for the buttons and buttonholes...

Any ideas or tips?